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Cross-docking - a process of acceptance and shipment of goods and cargo through the warehouse, which prevents long-term (1-2 days) storage of goods in stock.


Cross-docking is a collection of logistics operations in the supply chain, through which the shipment from a warehouse and delivery of goods as accurately as possible consistent over time. As a result, products are delivered in minimal time.

Depending on the size and characteristics of the goods the customer we offer the following cross-docking operation:

  • Stage cross-docking - a cargo passes through the warehouse without further processing as a single order (one supplier, one order, one recipient); with the possible operation of forming a pallet when the goods arrived & laquo; bulk & raquo;.
  • Two-step cross-docking - will be available goods divided into groups - « one supplier (several providers) - Several recipients », « several vendors - one recipient »; etc.

If you need to store the goods more than 2 days, the storage conditions are solved individually with each client.


Advantages of cross-docking is:

  • faster delivery of products to their destinations;
  • reducing storage space and cost savings to pay for the rental of warehouses and labor personnel.