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Trading company

The companies that are engaged in retail, small wholesale or wholesale, we can offer the following services:

  • optimal conditions for storage of goods of different sizes and dimensions, standard and non-standard forms of various types of packaging; storage or compact single-piece product provides cell storage; checking, sorting, assembly of goods by category damage, appearance of the box, completeness, accounting serial numbers;
  • Pre-delivery of goods:
                                - Repacking of goods in the necessary packaging;
                                - Creation of a set (gift / promotional);
                                - Labeling (stickers, bar codes, promotional stickers) on packaging and boxes;
                                - Fixing price tags, signal tags;
                                - Preparation "metroyunitov" for deliveries to chain stores such as « METRO Cash & Carry »;
                                - Preparation of goods for delivery to the recipient (plastic containers for tovaronositeley);
                                - Complete product warranty card and instructions.                         
  • checking, sorting, assembly of goods by categories of damage, the appearance of the box, completeness;
  • keeping serial numbers;
  • handling and storage of returns;
  • shipping orders to retail outlets.